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I started helping people immediately after graduating from Indiana University. He began his career at Child Protective Services in Indianapolis and transferred to Child Protective Services in Charlotte after moving here in 1989. Six years later, I earned his master’s degree and became a psychotherapist for troubled youth and prison inmates in the Charlotte area. After a career change in 1999, I worked as Regional Tech Manager for a Fortune 500 Company for four years. I enjoy carefully guiding people through the home-loan process so they can confidently select the best mortgage for themselves out of the many available options. My and my team work continuously on their clients’ behalf to help them achieve their dream of homeownership. With an entire career dedicated to helping others, I now use my child-psychology skills at home instead of at work. I am the father of six, including five boys and one baby girl. Because of the number of children I have, it’s all about family activities. Especially since having a ‘surprise’ baby girl a year ago. We love doing things together as a family, like hiking, bike riding, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, family trips, hanging out at the pool, and whatever else we can think of. We are very lucky that we love doing things together, and we have a lot of fun!”

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